Work group’s trip to Finland and Estonia!

The founders of the school organized a trip of the work group made up of some of the school's staff to Finland and Estonia -- countries that have a worldwide recognition as leaders in education. The aim of the trip was to study trends and processes in their educational systems.
The 6-day trip was rich and, most importantly, useful in content.
The school team met with Ms. Marjo Kyllönen, the head of the Helsinki Department of Education. In her presentation, she highlighted the features of organization of school education in Finland, the fundamental changes that have been made to the national program (FNCC), the prospects for further development and the implementation of the educational strategy. We express our immense gratitude to Ms. Kyllönen who was kind to provide detailed answers to the questions of the school team.
Over the course of a 3-day trip to Helsinki, the team visited 4 schools, where they learned about a variety of ways to organize the learning space and school interaction with parents and the local government and how to schedule lessons for students who follow individual educational programs. To better understand the approaches to the implementation of the curriculum in Finland the team also observed several lessons.
Finland is a beautiful country where a person is the core value. Their government ensures comfortable environment, adequate healthcare and quality education for every citizen.
The Finns are convinced that well-being equals well-learning. Working together with the teachers, the government have made quality changes to the well-established approaches to education.
As Ms. Kyllönen said, ‘’What was good in the past may not always do good in the future.’

We hope that this trip will truly do good to the School!

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