The bronze is ours! Congratulations to our talented students, Bella PAK and Bekzhan FAZYLOV on their outstanding success!

The final stage of the Republican Olympiad in mathematics and natural sciences took place in Pavlodar on March 27-31. This prestigious competition brought together 319 high school students from all around the country.

Our bright stars Bella and Bekzhan shine with bronze medals and 3rd degree diplomas from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We express our heartiest congratulations!

We sincerely thank project supervisors Ms. Akmerey KALYYEVA and Ms. Aza GADABORSHEVA and the parents of the students for their contribution and support in preparing for the Olympiad.

We also express our deep gratitude to the organizers of the Olympiad: the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Daryn" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Regional Educational and Methodological Center for Additional Education "Ertis Daryny" of the Education Department of the Pavlodar Region for creating such a favorable environment for our students.

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