Taking advantage of Solar Energy: A Step toward Sustainable Education

Solar panels are becoming the heart of green evolution in our school!

As part of our ongoing and rapidly advancing work towards sustainable education, we are proud to announce that this summer solar panels have been successfully installed on the roof of Shoqan Walikhanov Private School. This is a significant achievement that not only reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, but also creates a unique learning environment for our students.

Solar Energy: A Clean, Sustainable Solution

Installing solar panels is an important step toward using renewable energy sources. Our new solar panels are capable of producing clean energy from one of the most important sources of life on Earth: sunlight. This means we can power our school without emitting harmful gases, which is beneficial to our environment and helps combat climate change.

A Step into the Future

We are proud to contribute to creating a sustainable world and provide our students with an education that inspires them to strive for positive change.

Let's move forward together, exploring the boundaries of possibility and shaping a sustainable future for all of us and future generations. Solar panels are not just a technology; this is the key to sustainable education and caring for our planet.

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