A triumph of scientific research: Angelina's path to international fame!

In the world of science and research, success requires immeasurable amounts of work and fanatical dedication. Angelina, an 11th grade student at the Shoqan Walikhanov Private School, is a great example of how a passion for science and a tireless pursuit of knowledge can lead to incredible achievements.

Angelina was always interested in chemistry and biology, so she chose to study them at an advanced level school. And when she had the opportunity to participate in scientific research, she seized it with pleasure.

Together with the head of the integrated laboratory, Yerbolat Sailaukhanuly, Angelina wrote a research paper on a current topic: “Development of a medical product based on the raw materials of the medical plant Artemisia annua L.” The work was carried out in several stages, starting from collecting the plant and analyzing its composition and ending with the creation of caramel tablets and their standardization in accordance with the Pharmacopoeia of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Her talent and dedication to science did not go unnoticed, and in the fall of 2022, Angelina took first place at the regional Olympiad from the Daryn scientific center. A further victory at the city stage allowed her to qualify for the national level competition, where she took second place, which was a magnificent achievement.

In the summer of 2023, a new stage began in Angelina’s path to scientific heights. Her project was selected to participate in the international competition Guangxi Adolescent Science and Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC) in China. To participate in this event, she translated her project into English and prepared for an oral presentation.

In China, in front of attentive judges and other participants, Angelina defended her project for two days in a row. According to the results of the competition, she took an honorable second place. It was a triumph of her skills, efforts and scientific interest.

Angelina's path is a story about how, with a love of science, hard work and a constant desire for knowledge, you can achieve outstanding results. Angelina is ready to continue to explore and understand the world of science and reach new heights, and this will inspire us all, because her story is a shining example of how a passion for knowledge and scientific research can open doors to a world of endless possibilities.

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