Great news!

The III Republican festival "BiArtVoice": Brighter than the stars took place today at the P.I. Tchaikovsky Almaty Musical College.

Obviously, the students of Shoqan Walikhanov Private School did not wait on the sidelines and took part in the competition.

???????? The results are amazing!
The dance ensemble "Shoqan Dance" with the musical work "Mix-Dance" has won the 1st place in the age group of 8-9 years old.

A student of the 8th grade Bella Pak won the 1st place in the age group of 13 years old with a solo-dance "Tugan zher".

Our sincerest congratulations go to our talented children and, of course, the choreography teachers Azat Muratovich Dautov and Samal Yerzhanovna Karibaeva for the fantastic performances.

Never look back!

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