The admission of extracurricular activities starts from January 2021!

Let's get this straight, if you are a parent, you have very often asked yourself this question, "Which club should I send my child to?"

Indeed, when choosing a club, it's essential to take into account the usefulness of the knowledge gained, the training program, the level of training of teachers and coaches, safety and many other different factors!

And it often takes a lot of time to find the right option for your child ...

But now you do not have to experience the agony of a long choice - Shoqan School will help you with this!

Since January 2021, Shoqan School will start admission to the following clubs:
- robotics,
- chess academy,
- culinary class,
- pottery,
- dombra,
- vocal singing,
- choreography,
- basketball and volleyball,
- carpentry class,
- art class,
- Korean and French classes

Go ahead and follow the link below to learn about the schedule asap and choose the right club for your child: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PtBw42OGtHIilBFMUdL0puCr_UGd5D9Y/view?usp=sharing

Call us to sign up for the club: +7 700 970 0097

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