Shoqan Walikhanov Private School and the British Council: A new step to educational heights!

We are proud to announce the conclusion of a significant memorandum of cooperation with the British Council.  This important event opens up new horizons and opportunities for both parties in education, highlighting the desire for development, innovation and international cooperation.

Based on the principles of mutual benefit and respect for the independence of the parties, our institutions have identified key areas of cooperation:

  • The school will inform the potential candidates about exams, procedures and available exam dates.
  • The school students will be able to take the IELTS on school campus.
  • Workshops from the British Council and staff training on products, registration process and related services for further examination will be taking place.
  • The British Council will provide preparation resources for English language learners, including videos, podcasts, online courses, practice tests and mobile apps.
  • The British Council will provide a free IELTS mock test (in all four parts of the exam) as part of your online Road to IELTS exam preparation course.

To implement these ambitious plans, the parties will develop and approve a detailed work plan, based on the results of negotiations and consultations. We are confident that our cooperation with the British Council will become a solid foundation for the successful realization of our plans and goals and will bring fruitful results.

We express our sincere gratitude to our partners at the British Council for their support and belief in our common goals. Together we will create a future where our students can reach new heights, develop their talents and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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