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Shoqan Walikhanov Private School
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We draw on the traditions to build the future!
Knowledge which is passed without upbringing is the greatest enemy of mankind (al-Farabi)
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Responsibility of person’s own actions and words
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Pak Oleg
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Sh. Walikhanov school

They say that children go to school to get knowledge. But what kind of knowledge do they mean? Sines and quadratic equations are not applied in everyday life.Any event described in history books can be viewed from at least two angles. The laws of physics that are discussed in the 11th grade were discovered centuries ago. So, what kind of knowledge do children go to school for?

Our idea is that school subjects serve as superior models for acquiring skills and qualities that make a person successful in the modern world. For example, history teaches children to analyze facts and events with reference to each other, to understand society development laws, to shape and justify a personal point of view on what is happening. The exact sciences develop the ability to build clear cause and effect relationship. The role of mathematics in developing flexible and creative thinking can hardly be overestimated. The study of languages allows the children to communicate and exchange information with the whole world on an equal basis.

The success of tomorrow depends on the qualities that a person possesses today. The qualities and skills expressed in our Values, render a model of a graduate of the Shokan Walikhanov school. In my opinion, the most important of them are self-discipline, emotional intelligence, responsibility, creativity, and the desire for personal fulfillment. These character traits allow a young person to achieve outstanding results in any area, including education, work, and private life.

What was said above does not me that we underestimate the significance of academic knowledge. Profound academic knowledge will always be the main focus of the work of administration and teachers. The teacher is the main person in the School. The members of our close-knit team are the real professionals who deserve to be an example for the younger generation.

The joy of learning and creativity, satisfaction from doing a good job, the happiness of meaningful communication with friends, the pride of belonging to a close-knit and strong school community, a sense of own uniqueness and significance are the positive emotions that the School can and must give to a child.

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