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In order for people to develop well, first of all they need freedom and knowledge...


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12 reasons to choose our school

Trust and mutual respect are the key values of the school.


A team of the best teachers of Almaty.


Original programmes for the development of thinking and speech skills, created by our teachers.


Effective system of assessing the skills and qualities of students.


Support of all forms of creativity.


A unique system of preparation for olympiads and other intellectual competitions.


Education of young people in the best traditions of the Kazakhstani intellectuals.


Compulsory lessons of choreography, speed reading, Kazakh and European etiquette.


Modern infrastructure solutions


Open door policy, integration of parents into the teaching and educational process


Advanced study of mathematics, Kazakh and English languages.


Involvement of experienced foreign specialists in educational and administrative activities.

Free consultation on admission issues
Three stages on the way to success
Primary school
1-4 class
Primary school 1-4 class
The main goal of primary school is to develop interest and positive motivation to study. The teachers, educators and psychologists become the mentors for the children: they teach self-organization and responsibility, building correct relationships with classmates and adults, help and guide little persons as they grow up.
Lower secondary school
5-9 class
Lower secondary school 5-9 class
Study in the lower secondary school provides basic knowledge on the main fields of science and supplementary education; there is an intensive supply of general and professional competencies. The main task of this stage is the implementation of the programmes developing the technological, personal, and intellectual aptitudes and interests of teenagers.
Upper secondary school
10-11 class
Upper secondary school 10-11 class
By this stage, each student has extensive knowledge and skills in the fields of science, sports, and creativity. The main focuses of the upper secondary school are an advanced study of major subjects, a conscious choice of profession, and an absolute readiness for self-study. A school graduate is an independent and mature person ready to accept the challenges of the 21st century.

Three areas of development of a person


Creativity A child’s soul reflects the world around him. The artistic clubs allow the children to see and realize the greatness and beauty of the Universe and express their attitude towards it in the creative works


Intelligence The intellectual activities develop the logical thinking, memory, imagination, attention, perseverance, and commitment in children, as well as their ability to find ways out of difficult situations, analyze them, and make conclusions.


Sports A sound mind in a sound body. The right alternation of mental and physical loads stimulates brain activity. Participation in sports competitions strengthens the team spirit and sense of solidarity and makes the character strong and able to compete.
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